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Why should you avoid using the GA4 Setup Assistant?

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Why should you avoid using the GA4 Setup Assistant, Before you use the GA4 Setup Assistant, you should be aware of a few things.

Why should you avoid using the GA4 Setup Assistant, Before you use the GA4 Setup Assistant, you should be aware of a few things. 안전한 카지노사이트

Before we go any further, because this article will primarily focus on ‘what not to do,’ I’d like to point you to this excellent GA4 guide from Data Driven

Where I and other analytics professionals provide useful advice on implementing GA4.

If you use Google Analytics but have not yet installed GA4, you may have noticed the GA4 Setup Assistant.

When you’re in the Universal Analytics admin screen, it’s right at the top.

What does and does not the GA4 Setup Assistant do?

According to first impressions, GA4 can be set up with wizard-like speed using the Setup Assistant. Wrong.

Most of the time, the Setup Assistant will create the account and configure the time zone and country.

That’s it. This is only the first step in configuring GA4. In my opinion, it is preferable to spend 5 minutes doing this manually. There is still a lot to do at this point!

Use GTM to send data to GA4.

I always use Google Tag Manager to set up GA4 pageview and conversion tracking.

I frequently find that I can re-use GTM triggers that I’ve previously created for other destinations.

This is also a good time to confirm which actions you want to track as conversions.

There may be some new ones, or it may be time to retire some.

It will be critical to choose appropriate event names for these.

The data model for events and conversions differs between UA and GA4.

If you have the ‘gtag code snippet’ on your website and the Setup Assistant gives you the go-ahead to migrate some conversions, be aware that this will force-fit the old Universal Analytics data model

Into the new GA4 data model. These data models for events are quite different. To define an event, Universal Analytics uses ‘event category,’ ‘event action,’ and ‘event label.’ 카지노사이트

GA4, on the other hand, requires an event name. If the event is marked as a conversion, this will also become the conversion name.

In GA4, the event/conversion names are important because the meaning of each one must be clear to those reading the reports.

When you use the Setup Assistant to’migrate,’ you will get an event name in GA4 that is the same as the event action in UA, and the event category and event label will become parameters.

As a name for the GA4 event/conversion, the event action is frequently completely inappropriate!

GA4 configuration parameters

Other configurations must be configured within GA4. Referral exclusions, data retention time, and various data collection and ad personalization settings are the most basic.

These must be carefully considered. Some have implications for your privacy disclosures, which is something else the website owner must consider.

Don’t forget to test – always test in debug mode, with dummy transactions, and by comparing data from GA4 and Universal Analytics.

Remember to test.

The Setup Assistant may appear to be a shortcut, but it isn’t always the best option. It saves very little time and may cause confusion, in my opinion. 카지노 블로그

If you want a good GA4 implementation, you can’t skip the first three phases: plan, implement, and test.

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